What is DymlaONE?

DymlaONE is a Swedish patented air purifier for babies designed as a portable carrycot. It comes with advanced air filtration technology with a filtration efficiency of more than 98% for particles down to 0,02 μm in size. That means that DymlaONE decreases exposure to air pollution and reduces contact with viruses and bacteria from outside air before they reach your child. DymlaONE is the world’s first portable air purifier developed as a collaboration between medical doctors, engineers and researchers in the field of air pollution and children’s health. DymlaONE even protects against insect bites and stings!

How does DymlaONE help me and my baby?

DymlaONE creates a safer and more comfortable air environment around your child so that you can feel more secure in your everyday life and when you both travel. The carrycot will help reduce your child’s exposure to a variety of airborne infections and diseases, including: Coronavirus, RSV, measles and pertussis. DymlaONE air purification helps prevent chronic conditions such as asthma that can surface later after exposure to poor air quality early in childhood.

Developed together with Medical Doctors, Engineers and Researchers in the field of air pollution and health

How to Dymla

Bring DymlaONE to the airport. It even fits in the cot of the Airplane!

You simply insert DymlaONE in your stroller; it fits most all the strollers available on the market!

Take public transportation without worrying about contagious diseases

Air pollution 

From the smog lingering over our cities to the smoke inside our homes, air pollution poses a major threat to health and climate, according to World Health Organization. Particulate matter (PM) is often used to measure air quality. Particles with a diameter of 10µm or less (PM10) can travel deep inside our lungs, whereas fine particles with a diameter of 2.5µm or less (PM2.5) can go further, even into the bloodstream and spread to other organs.

How does DymlaONE protect from air pollution?

DymlaONE has unique patented technology with a filtration efficiency of more than 98% of particles–even down to a microscopic 0.02 μm in size! Your child will benefit from protection of not having to ingest a spectrum of common air particulates (ranging in size from fine PM10, to microscopic PM2.5).

Viruses and bacteria 

When someone sneezes or coughs, tiny water or mucous droplets filled with disease-causing bacteria or viruses scatter into the air. Whenever you are traveling by bus, train, air or simply walking with your baby, she/he will be exposed to a variety of pathogens (viruses and bacteria) that are ubiquitous in the air.

How does DymlaONE protect from viruses and bacteria?  

DymlaONE significantly reduces exposure to microscopic bacteria and viruses down to 0.02 μm in size.


Mosquitos are one of the deadliest animals in the world according to WHO. Other insects such as wasps and bumblebees (besides being annoying) can also harm the baby. 

How does DymlaONE protect from insects?  

When DymlaONE is used as recommended, the baby is protected against insects. 

Dymla FAQ

DymlaONE is made of an advanced air filter technology developed by the leading manufacturers of premium clean air solutions in Sweden.

Yes, of course. DymlaONE comes with an integrated UV-window and mosquito net, so you can safely bring your baby to the beach.

Dymla is easy to carry around with the unique handle designed only for Dymla users.

Dymla is developed by experts from Karolinska University Hospital, KTH (Royal Institute of technology) and Uppsala University.

If you need to travel on a plane (and can’t take a train or public transport that’s more environmentally friendly) Dymla is approved to go through the security in the airport and made to fit in the infant cot on the plane. Safe travels!

Yes, we love mother earth and try in every way to make our products and production as environmentally friendly as possible. DymlaONE is made of sustainable fabrics that have a lower impact on both nature and human health.