Dymla®ONE, the carrycot that protects your child

The Dymla®ONE carrycot protects your child against air pollutants, viruses, bacteria, insect bites and UV radiation. Manufactured using child-friendly sustainable materials. Patented, tested and certified. Fits even the smallest strollers available on the market and is easy to take along with you.

Snug and cozy – babies love it!


Our story


Physician Karin Dymmel, founder of Dymla, was able to witness firsthand how children were severely affected by air pollutants, viruses and bacteria when she worked in East Africa. A few years later, Karin’s firstborn child Henry suffered from the Respiratory syncytial virus as an infant. He had trouble breathing and was admitted to the hospital. Henry is now doing well, but the illness he suffered as an infant still causes him to have respiratory problems today. These experiences were the source of inspiration behind Dymla.

Why Dymla?

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Protect your child against air pollutants, airborne viruses, bacteria, insect bites and UV radiation.


“Absolutely the best invention for babies. I’m so happy with ours.”

“I’m extremely happy with ours; Dymla makes me feel very secure. The fact that my daughter Freja loves it is a big plus :).”

“Living in the heart of Stockholm like we do, air quality is something that I think about a lot. Therefore, buying Dymla®ONE for my son Nicholas was a given, it helps keep him safe when we are out in the city and it’s not just practical, it’s also really nice looking.”

“We live in New York and face masks have been mandatory during the pandemic. But what do you do for a newborn? Dymla®ONE has made us feel extremely safe. Furthermore New York isn’t exactly well-known for its good air quality.”

Dymla Partners & Financing

Partners & Financing


The Dymla® story started thanks to invaluable support from Karolinska Institutet (KI) Innovations and the Stockholm City Innovation and Startup System, Startup SthlmSweden’s most active startup investor Almi Invest (ALMI) and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES). Their help meant that we could transition from an idea and research, to creating a unique solution to a societal problem.